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Manatee Education

Includes education on manatee history, habitat, behavior, anatomy, and laws affecting our gentle giants. Students encounter the friendly Florida manatee in its natral habitat while learning about all aspects of manatees and the water they live in! American Pro Diving Center provides all equipment necessary for encounter. Supplemental teaching aides and guest speakers are available for your classroom. Manatee protection starts with education!

Rainbow River Experience

Designed to develop student knowledge of aquifers and how spring systems form and originate. While snorkeling in an aquatic environment students will learn about a spring fed ecosystem. (Vegetation, Fish, Birds, Turtles, and Humans) Explanation are given of why fossils like shells, pieces of coral, and ancient sharks teeth can be found and where they originate. Preservation of water quality and conservation of florida springs is achieved through education.

Snorkel Camps / Scuba Camps

With the ever increasing cost of day care, the difficulty in entertaining or educating children and young adults, or the time restraints that many parents have, good ole' fashion outdoor fun is the favorite among youths. American Pro Diving Center's Summer Snorkel Camp, Summer Dive Camp, and Seal Team Camp provide affordable alternatives to boredom, and video gaming.

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Boyscouts / Girlscouts

Have your perfect combination of outdoor fun and adventure with the Manatee learning Boy/Girl Scouting values. That's what you'll find on each of our Manatee and Aquifer Education Programs.

High School Dive Program

Does the thought of swimming below the waves side by side with beautiful fish and turtles get you trying to remember what drawer your bathing suit is in? Imagine your son or daughter brought you a list of activities they could participate in and scuba diving was a choice! For our Citrus County kids this is a reality not a fantasy. Our scuba diving clubs have been successful for years with our local high schools and are to date still certifying new members, going on diving trips, and giving back to the environment with community outreach programs.

Teacher Workshop

Teachers take a break! Have us do the teaching.

Coastal Cleanup

American Pro Diving Center in Crystal River strives to be a leader in environmental protection and community outreach programs. Being the first to write curriculums on Manatee Awareness and Spring and Aquifer.


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