Scuba Class Checklist

 What to bring.

  • Review and be prepared to sign PADI Medical Release Statement, PADI Standard Safe Diving Practices, and PADI Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement which is in the Student Record File Folder. (see the forms link below and call us with any and all questions).
  • Bring Signed Medical Release Statement from a Physician if you have any yes answers to the Medical Release Statement(see the forms link below and call us with any and all questions)
  • OW Class Read the PADI “Go Diving” manual or cd comprised of five chapters and watch the video. After reading these chapters fill out the Knowledge Reviews at the end of each section. (Write your answers in the book or print out your answers from the CD, or eLearning).
  • AOW read chapters in PADI Adventures in Diving (see our staff). AOW and higher class students must bring Certification Cards of OW and higher from a qualifying Scuba training organization(any questions call).
  • Have all home study work done before start of class.
  • Bring all of your PADI Education materials to class each day.
  • Bring a dive watch. (Start good diving habits.)
  • Bring a swim suit
  • Bring a towel and dry clothes to change into after the dives. The boat may get wet so protect wanting dry items with a dry bag. Remember any items on the deck of the boat will get wet when everyone returns from the water. See your captain for the dry areas of the boat.
  • Students must provide their own transportation and meals.
  • The private marina in Crystal River where the boat is launched for OW dives, offers a large parking lot and convenient store on site. This location charges $5 per vehicle but you don't have to circle the parking lot multiple times to find a space. The monies are to be paid at their store, see instruction for direction to the docks.
  • Rainbow River is a County Park and they too charge a $5 fee per person for parking and use of their nice facilities.
  • Reservations are required.
  • Write down your Class date/time as this is the time to be at our Dive center.
  • Get directions.
  • Bring a smile SCUBA is Fun.


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