Rainbow River Snorkel or Dive

Best Tour Packages Available

Rainbow River Snorkel or Dive (afternoon)

$48.00 (plus gear/$5to$20ppe)

Tour Times:1:00 PM (Seating limited, call to reserve)

Having a maximum depth of twenty five feet, and clear visibility of over two hundred feet allowing even non-divers to see all the way to the bottom. As the current drifts the snorkelers along, they are able to free-dive down or hover to see different fish, turtles, aquatic plants and spring vents dotting the bottom. A must see, even just riding the boat.

Try Discover Scuba Diving (afternoon)

$159.00 (gear incuded/$5to$20ppe)

Times:12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Scuba diving is a sport that requires training and certification to do on your own. But with American Pro Diving Centers Instructors non certified divers can try the exciting sport of Scuba. So give scuba diving a try and blow bubbles at the bottom in just one afternoon.


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