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Crystal River (All Year Round)

Price: $68.00 (All Inclusive/$5pvpk)

Tour Times: 7:00 AM, 8:30 AM, 11:30 AM

All year: (Seating limited, call to reserve)

Crystal River Manatee tour offers year round snorkel encounters with our gentile gentle giants and if there are divers in the family there is something for everyone on this trip.

Homosassa Springs (Winter Months)

Price: $68.00 (includes gear)

Tour Times: 6:30 AM and 9:00 AM

Seasonal: (Seating limited, call to reserve)

Homosassa Manatee tours offers a premium snorkel with less people, boats and boat traffic. These snorkel manatee tours are a must see in the winter. A perfect shallow location for a serene snorkel.

Rainbow River Snorkel

Price: $48.00 (plus gear/$5to$20ppe)

Tour Times: 1:00 PM

Tour Times: (Seating limited, call to reserve)

After the morning manatee tour relax with a nice lunch from local restaurants and make a day seeing what the Florida springs have to offer. No matter how the visibility is where you dive Rainbow River Florida Springs Drift Dive is unmatched with crystal clear spring water and over 200 feet of visibility. This drift dive or snorkel can be enjoyed by the whole family. See many different varieties of fish, turtles and other wildlife up close. Discover fossils coming out of the different springs dotting the bottom. At the end of the drift is a small cavern where the fish hang out in abundance. After your morning manatee tour, Rainbow River Springs Drift Dive is a great way to finish your day. Very relaxing.

Manatee Awareness Course

Price: $35.00 (After Manatee Snorkel)

Learn about the Endangered Manatee Speciality Class and be rewarded with a certification card to show your friends.

  • Manatee Evolution
  • Manatee Habitat
  • Manatee History
  • Manatee Social Behavior
  • Regulations and Restrictions


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