Manatee Tours

821 S. E. Hwy 19 Crystal River, FL 34429
1-800-291-DIVE (3483)

Visit Crystal River on a snorkel with the manatee tour to see Florida all year.

Offering 2 locations to snorkel with manatee on
Crystal River and Homosassa.

Snorkel or dive the lazy Rainbow River Florida.

Discount scuba diving packages and dive the caverns.

The view is breathtaking on Manatee Tours.

Onsite scubadiving class with our indoor pool.

Just a phone call away for several guided dives.

Open water scuba class and Referral dive instruction.

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Dive & Snorkel Staff


Owner / Instructor / Captain


Hi Folks,
I moved with family from Pa. as a young child and have never left Citrus County Florida since. Started years ago my scuba dive training at APDC in the Florida Springs where I snorkeled with an incredible creature... you guessed it the manatee. My love of the water took me to PADI MSDT Instructor level with several specialties and furthered to ownership. Success of American Pro Diving Center is not accomplished by just one person so I want to introduce you to our staff below and we hope you have a relaxing time with us.
Favorite Dive- Night Dives on either RB or CR.
Dive Interests- Underwater photography, Cavern diving.
Favorite gear- Mares X Vision Black Mask & Abyss reg.



Educational Coordinator/ DM / Captain


Hi Everyone, as Educational Coordinator my time is spent with our Manatee/Aquifer Education Programs offered to the many Scouting programs for both boys and girls, as well as school groups through out the US and even our summer snorkel camps. A mother of three beautiful children whom all grew up in this beautiful environment in Crystal River. My biggest passion is to teach our next generation to be environmental stewards and leaders in their own community. Because it is the generations to come that will be the ones to make the necessary changes which preserve our future.
Favorite Dive- Devils Den, Night dives.
Dive Interests- Cavern dives,fossil finding.
Favorite gear- Mares Ariel BC, Opera mask, Abyss reg.



Divemaster / Captain


Originally from Murfreesboro, Tennessee my family moved to Florida when I was ten years young. After high school joined the US Navy and then returned to the area that I grew up in to pursue my passion of diving. My dive career began at American Pro Diving Center back in 2000 during which training took me all the way to PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. I married my high school sweetheart and together we have two beautiful girls.
Favorite Dive: Blue Grotto, night dives on the Crystal River
Dive Interests: Caverns, and underwater videography
Favorite Gear: Mares Abyss Regulator, Mares Dragonfly BC, Mares X-Stream Fins, and Oceanic Shadow Mask

Michael Perry


MSDT Instructor / Captain


Originally from Colorado where I learned to live life as a fun filled adventure.  My first experience in diving was when I was 13 on a family trip to Maui.  That experience stuck with me and formed my desire to become an instructor.   At the age of 17, I shipped off into the US ARMY to become an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician (EOD).  Yes, those crazy guys who disarm bombs and blow stuff up.  After serving a tour in Afghanistan and a total of 7 years in the service, I moved to Wyoming where my love of the outdoors grew beyond the state and needed a change of better weather.  In 2012 I decided to change up my lifestyle and worked to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.  I enjoy photography, treasure hunting, cars and working with others to make them comfortable in the water.
Favorite Dive - All of our dive sites! I love it here!
Dive Interests - Underwater Photography, Treasure Hunting, Historical Sites
Favorite Gear- Mares Abyss 22 Regulator, Mares Dragonfly BC, Mares Quattro Fins



MSDT Instructor / Captain


Living on an island in Michigan off Lake St Claire until age 13 gave me lots of time in and on the water. I learned to dive while on vacation in the Bahamas and loved it so much that I went from open water through rescue diver in two weeks. I moved to North Carolina where I enjoyed hundreds of wreck dives and attended school to become a dive instructor and MSDT. I also attended school to become certified in regulator, equipment, and dive compressor. I am a US Coast Guard certified captain and live aboard my 47’ Bristol Ketch with my wife and our Labrador retriever, Bella. Also a former US Army with tours in Germany, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I recently moved to Florida and fell in love with the weather, clear waters and the wonderful area around Crystal River.
Favorite Dive- Paradise Springs
Favorite Gear- Mares ProTec BCD, Abyss Regulator, and Volo fins



MSDT Instructor


Hi this is Josh....American Pros resident wildman. I was open water certified in 2006 and continued my education to the level of PADI Instructor in 2008. I have worked all over the Caribbean and US in all kinds of different conditions and I love diving. Everything about it. And I love to have fun. So come on down and take an open water dive class with me and have a splash of a good time.
Favorite Dive- Devild Den, Rainbow River
Favorite Gear- Mares Volo Power Fins



Divemaster / Captain


Hello all! I am from a Coast Guard family and have spent my whole life by the water. I was born in Rhode Island, but we moved every two to three years so I’ve lived in a lot of different places. I attended college in Oregon where I met and married my wonderful husband. After graduation, we packed up and moved to Alaska where we stayed for several years. I love the outdoors and enjoy fishing, camping, kayaking, hiking, swimming, and of course, diving. It took me a couple years to gather the courage to try cold water diving in Alaska, but once I did I loved it. I moved to Florida a few years ago and continuing my diving education to become a dive master and get my captains license. I have to admit, I am enjoying the warm waters of Florida over the cold, icy waters of Alaska.
Favorite Dive- Devil’s Den, Blue Grotto
Dive Interests- Underwater photography
Favorite Gear- Mares X-Vision mask, Tusa Hyperdry snorkel



Divemaster / Captain


Hey everyone my name is Marlin! I was born in Ft. Lauderdale and raised on the water. Whether it is scuba diving, freediving, or fishing, I love it. I have lived locally for 16 years and have a lot of experience as a captain in this area. I spend most of my time here at American Pro Diving center sharing our wonderful local experiences with people from around the world! When I am not here you can find me with my son on the water, or somewhere outdoors.
Favorite Dive- Paradise Springs
Dive Interests- Freediving, Spearfishing, Fossil hunting, Caverns
Favorite Gear- Mares Viper mask, Abyss regulator, Mares Razor fins, JBL Magnum spear gun



Tour Coordinator


Born and raised right here in the little gulf coast town of Crystal River Florida. Started snorkeling at age three, earned my first certification at age seven and have fallen in love with scuba diving. When I first swam with the manatee I knew the water world was for me. If I'm not at the front counter at American Pro you can find me at school or having fun fishing, diving, or playing music at local events around town.
Favorite Dive- Rainbow Rive Night Dive, Paradise Springs
Dive Interests- Underwater Fossil Hunting
Favorite Gear- Mares Opera Mask, Tusa Hyperdry, Mares Abyss regulator



Tour Coordinator


I grew up around the citrus county area so being in the water has always been a part of my life. Whether it was the beach with family or snorkeling and tubing the Rainbow River with friends, water is like a second home to me. My love of diving started when I did my discover scuba course. The fact that I could explore life under water for more than my lungs had allowed in the past, opened so many new doors for me. I am excited to assist you and your family to enjoy all the new experiences underwater at American Pro Diving Center.
Favorite Dive- Blue Grotto & Devils Den
Dive Interests- Snorkeling and Open Water Spring Dives
Favorite Gear- Tusa Elite Mask and ultra dry snorkel with Mares Volo power fins