Manatee Tours

821 S. E. Hwy 19 Crystal River, FL 34429
1-800-291-DIVE (3483)

Visit Crystal River on a snorkel with the manatee tour to see Florida all year.

Offering 2 locations to snorkel with manatee on
Crystal River and Homosassa.

Snorkel or dive the lazy Rainbow River Florida.

Discount scuba diving packages and dive the caverns.

The view is breathtaking on Manatee Tours.

Onsite scubadiving class with our indoor pool.

Just a phone call away for several guided dives.

Open water scuba class and Referral dive instruction.

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Welcome to American Pro Manatee Snorkel / Diving Center Tour

Experience a manatee tour with all the comforts a five star facility has to offer. Two locations to swim with manatees on a guided tour in our area of Florida. The Crystal River manatee snorkel is year round while the Homosassa Springs is seasonal during the cold months of winter. The fresh water springs have something for all in the family whether you snorkel or scuba dive so come swim with manatees.
Manatee Tour Crystal River swim with manatees
Manatee Tour Homosassa manatee swim

American Pro Manatee Snorkel and Dive Center located in Crystal River Florida, opened its doors over twenty five years ago and has operated manatee tours for both the snorkeler and diver. Our manatee tour offers an inwater guide and is one of many reasons making us the most professional organization on the nature coast. Preservation through hands on education is our goal and the guides assist with anyone new to snorkeling with the manatee or diving activities not only on and off the boat but in the water. We have the honor of being awarded the National Geographic Dive Center Award from PADI and N. G., and many other awards from state and local educational systems because of our manatee tour programs.

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The manatee swim experience with our guide in the water makes the difference for a successful encounter with manatee. A unique swim with manatees comes from education on how to interact with the manatee and the guides extensive experience gives that. Our guides are trained to PADI divemaster level or higher both in waterskills and environmental knowledge. The divemaster educates about the manatees and the manners of snorkeling with manatee. They enter the springs with you so that both you and the Manatees have an enjoyable time. Helpful hints on interaction is applied from years of experience. This swim with manatees is sometimes a first to family members that do not have chances to snorkel much. Our guides are very accommodating on the tours so everyone enjoys. Available are the memories that we video and make a DVD upon the return to the store. This copy is a great gift to show others of your wonderful adventure.

The question arises snorkel with the manatee or scubadive? The answer is our Crystal River combo tour which has both the manatee swim then a guided dive at Kings Spring. Manatees eat and sleep at the bottom of the springs and snorkeling at the surface allows them to approach us if so desired. They are very curious and playful usually wanting a gentile belly rub. Because this trip is offered all year our combo has a manatee swim and a guided cavern scuba dive so there is something for the whole family. While the divers are diving the snorkeler snorkels the dive site with different types of fish. During the winter season we have a second river location to snorkel with the manatee adding the Homosassa manatee snorkel, so phonecall or contact us by e-mail to schedule which is best for your family.

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